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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:32 am
by MovieFanatic
Searching names on the Wikipedia (Spanish)

Actually we only can search for names of actors, actresses and directors on the IMDb website (english) and on KinoPoisk (russian), I would like to add the posibility to search names on the Wikipedia, preferably in Spanish, but if it is not possible, with being able to do it in English I am satisfied.

IMDB number?

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:48 pm
by louswheel
Hi, would it be possible to add an IMDB number on the movie card, and enable it to download when searching for a movie?


Graham :D

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:55 pm
by Ali_MiX
add import support with

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 10:10 pm
by marcusah

A bug/suggestion. When searching for a movie with the IMDB search the correct movie does not always come up at all. My suggestion is that this is a bug since I have the exact movie IMDB link and IMDB number and can find it on the IMDB website. Therefore my suggestion is to either fix the bug or fix the bug and also allow an IMDB search via IMDB link or movie number.