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willecomme katrien
willecomme katrien
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Post #1by willecomme katrien » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:29 am

I like the program , very much , easy to make an online webdatabase , but the only thing that i can't understand is that All my Movies templates are all the same , why not making a possibility to export thumbpages , so we can make an online movie database with thumbpictures , you can do it now by taking moviecard2 , taking all the info away , en then by exporting your template you have only the thumbpictures , the only problem is that he puts it all in one colum , and it would be very nice that you can export them by 3 rows of 7 thumbs , thats make 21 pictures on your screen , would be a very nice update of the program , now i don't see why i should update

sincerely ,

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