Changes to movie details are not saved to the database

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Post #1by RobertR » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:26 am

Hello all,

after recently buying AMM I had to discover that this software is no longer supported, which is a pity. Perhaps someone can help me with a very weird issue, otherwise I have to move elsewhere:

I bought AMM since the most recent release is able to import PVD (another abandoned movie database which I used prior to AMM) records. I was able to import my PVD records including the covers. Now I found out that AMM does not support the IMDB "Original Language" field, so I created a custom text field "Original Language" in AMM, exported the database, added the values for the new custom field and re-imported the data into AMM. Everything looks perfect, I have completely transferred my PVD records into AMM, including the custom field.

The weird issue that I am now facing is when I want to edit a movie, this is what happens:

  • I add a new movie to the database by using "Add movie from file". AMM reads the details from IMDB and completes the information.
  • I am manually adding a cover image. So far everything is good.
  • I click on "Edit movie details" and go to the "Custom Fields" tab to manually enter the original language.
  • The drop-down for the custom field correctly shows me a list of all the distinct values in the database. I select the correct value for the movie and click on "Ok" to save the changes.
  • Now, when I immediately edit the movie details again, the value in the custom field is still visible and correct.
  • I switch to a different move and then back to the movie I just added.
  • I edit the movie again and the custom field is now empty.

The same happens to me now with some of the movie detail fields, for example the media type, so the issue is not limited to custom fields. It does not happen with other drop-down fields like the "Main genre" field, so I could not identify a pattern so far.

It looks like the values are cached in memory, but never actually written to the database.

Does anyone have an idea on what could cause this issue and how to resolve it? I would really appreciate your input.

Thank you very much in advance,


Viki F
Viki F
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Post #2by Viki » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:23 pm


Here are some things that may resolve the issue for you

Backup your database first:
Database - Backup

Then go into the options:
Tools - Options - Expert Options
Place a check in the box "Do not use drop-down values for custom fields"
(I have two custom fields created to track the physical locations of my files and have no problem with them staying as entered.)

Close AMM, then reopen it and compress your database:
Database - Compress
(At first, it does not appear to be doing anything, but it will eventually pop-up a box showing you the size before and after compressing. Compressing the database will also 'fix' many small annoyances in its structure.)

Check again to see if your custom fields are displaying correctly (Some templates will display custom fields, and some will not. Try experimenting with the different display templates until you find one that works for you.)

If this does not work, you will still have the backup that you created before you implemented these changes.

Keep us posted!

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Post #3by RobertR » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:01 pm

Hello Viki,

thank you for getting back to me with suggestions. I did execute the steps you have outlined above.

Unfortunately it did not change anything. I did a byte-by-byte comparison of the backup database with the new compressed database, and they did contain exactly the same data, so I am not sure if the compression did anything at all. The issue did still persist, any changes to the custom language field were not saved to the database.

So finally I tried something else - I created a new, empty database and appended the records from the previous one. And this finally seems to have fixed the issue. I haven't tried adding a new movie so far, but at least I can now make changes to existing records. I will report back should I encounter additional issues.

Thanks again for your help and the suggestions.

Kind regards,


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