How to import NFO files from Kodi?

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Post #1by SailorSam » Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:34 am

I saw it written in a facebook update you can import Kodi Nfo files, this is the reason I bought the software, but I can't seem to find any mention of this in the software itself. Was it taken out?

Viki F
Viki F
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Post #2by Viki » Thu Mar 28, 2019 4:02 pm

Very interesting question. It made me look through the software to see if I could locate it. My search though the forums revealed links to Kodi's documentation on importing and exporting, but nothing about using it in AMM. The announcement for this capability was released with AMM v8.7 build 1441 which was 3 years ago.

In the past, several "plugins" were available to help with importing databases from other softwares (Ant Movie, MovieTrack, etc.), but not all are listed at the website any longer.

My favorite plugin, "savecovers2.dll", is no longer listed at the website - but the link to the plugin is still available although it is not referenced on the website nor in the forums. This makes me wonder just how many plugins exist.

Even though I do not use Kodi, I will be very interested to follow this topic. :wink:

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