defect? - slow response to check-box selection

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Post #1by motobojo » Tue Aug 16, 2005 9:33 pm


I don't know whether this falls into the enhancement request or defect category. Probably doesn't matter.

Anyway, the behavior of IC with respect to this degraded (slow down) substantially when I went from V2.0 (beta) to V2.2.

I've done my comparison (groups or folders) and I'm processing the results. This usually, for me, entails stepping through the records selecting one or the other of the similar files to delete. I usually have a lot of them to delete, so I make lots of selections via check-boxes and then select the "Delete files" button.

With V2.2 the lag between when I click on the box and when the check is displayed in the box is substantial. With one set of results I'm working on now it is on the order of 6-10 seconds. Hardly interactive. I have no idea how many records are in the database (I don't see that information displayed anywhere). I'd bet it is in the 100's, maybe 500 or so.

My computer is a bit on the old side (P4 <1Ghz processor, 2Gb memory), but not terrible. In any case I'm not talking about absolute performance here, I'm talking about how the performance changed from IC V2.0 to V2.2.

That added annoyance is that IC doesn't seem to capture the pointer/mouse's x-location when you make the click, so I can only work ahead if all of my clicks / selections are in the same column. It also means that if I leave the window to go do something else while it catches up it loses all of my selections. So I'm effectively held hostage waiting for it to catch up. Luckily I can usually select a number of entries (like 12) in the same column, but then I have to wait about 1.5 to 2 minutes before I can do anything else. Rather annoying. V2.0 was a little sluggish in the same situation, but not to this degree. Anyway, at a minimum I would hope that IC could be changed to capture and buffer the click location (both x and y) so that the user is not held hostage while IC catches up.

thanks for listening.

-- Tom.

bolide M
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bolide M
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Re: defect? - slow response to check-box selection

Post #2by bolide » Wed Aug 17, 2005 12:10 pm

We will try to figure out why this slow down happens. Hopefully, we will fix it in the next version
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