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A help File / .CHM file would be nice.

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 10:07 am
by A visiting IC user
Hello all -

It would be nice if a Help file were available for Image Comparer 2.2 as it might help facilitate a better understanding of the features created by the program writer and how to best utilize the actual program.

Even a .HTM help file would be useful - although I don't really like .HTM help files and having to access the web to find out a little something. But, it's better than the nothing help file which presently exists, or rather, doesn't exist. :-D

Hoping this suggestion will be taken into serious consideration.


help would help and I'd help

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 2:38 pm
by motobojo
Good point. A help file would be real useful.

I think the principle folks at Bolide are non-English speakers or at least don't have English as their first language -- or at least so it seems from my interactions with their support folks. Of course their English is infinitely better than my Russion. :wink: Anyway, if "getting the English right" is a barrier to this effort I'd be willing to improve the English on any drafts they want to make toward this effort. I have experience doing this for German and Dutch folks for whom I've done web sites.

-- Tom.

Re: help would help and I'd help

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 5:41 pm
by bolide
Yes, we had some problems with correct English tutorial.
May be we had to find a volunteer or hire somebody for this job

Help File help

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2005 1:05 am
by Visiting IC User
Hello all -

My ability to translate the Russian Language is nil, but my ability to 'clear up', grammatically correct and address syntax in English is fairly well established.

If Bolidesoft would care to submit a rough copy of a prospective Help File in English - no matter how crude or unpolished - I'd be willing to apply my effort in an attempt to make an understandable English rendering of it.

Kind regards,