Version 3.0.702 missing features from previous versions

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Post #1by MelNakahara » Fri Sep 28, 2007 8:49 pm

I've been a long time user of Image Comparer and just upgraded to the 3.0 version. Being accustom to the earlier version's interface, I noticed some glaring differences.

1. When selecting a folder to compare, the past versions allowed the option to include subfolders or not. I was not able to find the option in v.3.

2. In the past versions, you could easily go back an reindex it there was a change in the directory where as the v.3 requires you to go back and reselect the folders. The idea of saving the gallery in v.3 makes sense but also makes it a little more cumbersom to use.

3. When selecting multiple folders, the past versions reverted to the last folder selected. V.3 goes back to the root directory when adding another folder. Because the file directory tree is collapsed, you need to renavigate opening each level which can be time consuming in some cases.

4. The right sidebar on previous versions was very convenient when working with IC. I presented a logical process of filtering, selecting and then selecting an option. Most of the features from the previous versions are in v.3 but not that easy to get to or use. For instance I would usually select to compare exact duplicates at 100% first then step down to 99% and so on. The older versions allowed the percentage to easily be changed and the search reevaluated. It appears that V.3 requires you to start from the beginning.

5. An added observation is that when working with a large amount of files, v.3 did not work properly. The listing view will remove the files from the list but did not deleted them from the folder.
[9/29/07] After playing with the program more, it was my mistake that the files were not deleted. When right-clicking on the Image Pairs listview, there is an option to remove the checked items from the list. This option does not delete the file.
[9/29/07] On the same context menu, there is an option to mark the duplicates with the one with the higher resolution. There is no option to select the image with a lower resolution as with the previous versions. It would be nice to have the option or to be able to delete the unmarked items.

Again, I just installed v.3 and have not fully gone through it so the items mentioned my be just me having to get use to the new interface. The help on v.3 does not work and and not found on the website and the online tutorial is for the previous versions.

Besides being in a class by itself, IC's functionality and ease of use were reasons I liked the program. I hope some of the items mentioned would be addressed in updates.

Thank you.
Mel Nakahara
Mel Nakahara

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