Improvement ideas to image comparer 3.4

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Martin Hansen
Martin Hansen
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Post #1by Martin Hansen » Sat Apr 12, 2008 6:50 pm

I am currently using IC 3.4 and it is running well. The initial load instabilities in the 3.3 are gone, and I am nicely pleased with the product.

Two functionality items is lacking in the program though, for me to really enjoy it. So here are two ideas to the new version.

1: “Do not compare in same directory” switch.

I take a lot of pictures of the same motive in slightly different setting. So I have a lot of almost identical pictures in the same dir. I pick the ones I like and copy them. But the base images remains.

I am using the IC to find stray images copied into different but never used.
When doing a compare of all my files I get a lot of undesirable 99 – 100% similarity. In some cases 50 base pictures results in 2500 images pairs to remove as noise (a user nuisance).

So when comparing in one gallery, make it optional to compare a picture with any pictures in the same directory.
This will drastically reduce compare time.
It will reduce the number of unimportant positives results, and give the image pair list a cleaner look.

2: Do not compare images with and image complexity under some user decided value.

I make home pages and a lot of times the graphic is very simple made on a base of simple pictures. That creates the problem that all simple pictures make a false image pair with EVERY other simple image (don’t event look alike) again in the 98-99 range. This is obscuring the similar more complex pictures that are genuine similar.

If there is a slide like the % slide then it could be used to remove all the images pairs of pictures under a moving complexity.

If the value is set before it will reduce compare time.
If done to the image pair list it will still make it easier for the user to see the complex pictures before drowning in the false results of the simple pictures.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted you to know the reasoning for my requests.

bolide M
Site Admin
bolide M
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Re: Improvement ideas to image comparer 3.4

Post #2by bolide » Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:53 pm

Martin Hansen, thanks for your ideas.
I think we will implement #1 in the nearest build.

As for #2... May be some image resolution limitations for the comparison will be enough?
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