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Things I would like to see added to AMB

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:44 am
by iceman59
1. Sort or filter by Author and Series in main window.
2. Print this sorted and filter list by Author and Series in all the different types of print options.
3. When scanning a harddrive for audiobooks, read in all the id tag fields and place the book cover. Most of the fields are contain in the id tag fields.
4. Export to mobile device with covers and a mobile application.
5. When adding new audiobooks from the drive, should skip the same titles and only add new books.
6. Add the total amount of the books (price field) in the Statistics, or an option to see it somewhere in the program.

Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:30 pm
by Martin
# View books by cover.
# Group books by genre (for example: group all novels, group all informational books, group all e-books and so on. Now the only solution is to create different databases).

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:26 pm
by Gemini
Thanks for your ideas, we're going to consider these soon :)

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:23 pm
by Martin
Another good thing to add would be an option to duplicate a book. This is especially usefull when the books are part of a serie so one doesn't need to fill in all information all over again. All that is needed then is to change a few things and you're done :D .

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:23 pm
by Martin
What I am also missing is the option, when exporting to Plaintext file, to sort by Author.
Strangely enough I can sort it by all sorts of things including Publisher and Series but not by Author which seems to me to be the first logical sorting option next to the already existing sort by Title option.



Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:27 pm
by Gemini
Hi, Martin!

In AMB export to plain text is available in Tools menu item.
As for sorting by author, due to some technical problems there isn't yet 'sort by author' option, but 'grouping by author' is working fine - menu item View-Group books by-Author.
For books duplicating there is a undocumented function. If you press CTRL-D in the books list (but not in group mode), the book will be fully duplicated.

Best regards,

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 10:16 pm
by Martin
I think there was a little misunderstanding :D .

I did know that I could export to plain text but I wanted to export to plain text and have this text sorted by Author. Maybe this will be possible in a future version.

I also did know that grouping by author is working fine :D .

As for the duplication option. Thanks for the explanation but wouldn't it be easier if these functions were documented in the Help file or even linked to a button or menu item in AllMyBooks?



Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:04 am
by Gemini
Martin wrote:I think there was a little misunderstanding :D

:) I see.. Didn't get it at first..
This may be realized in one of future releases..
Thanks again for ideas))

Best regards,

Scan Drive for Books feature

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:06 pm
by kokiangel
While this sounds like a nice time saver, my books are all listed as Last Name, First Name - Series (if there is one) - Title.
When I click to scan, the entire string shows as the title of the book. Then I have to edit each book, one by one to move the information around. It would be nice if All My Books could do the parsing without having to put all of the information into Excel first. That can take several HOURS to fine tune. Am I asking too much?

Re: Scan Drive for Books feature

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:59 am
by Gemini
That's certainly not too much, we'll think how to realize this.

Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 7:08 am
by Quasar
My ideas:
1) Sometimes it's not useful to search only by name or by ISBN on internet sites. I think it's better to do a search-area or something like this, where you can enter all the information you know about this book (for example, you know author and year). And then search this book. Because there are a lot of internet sites, which can be added as plugins, but which returns to much results when searching only by title or by name.
2) Author field in bookcard should has separate fields for Name, Lastname. I think, you should do a "Add author" button in bookcard, so you can add as many authors to each book, as you wish.
3) When scanning a book cover and clicking "cancel", the program crashes.

Sorry for my English.

Posted: Thu May 07, 2009 4:00 pm
by Gemini
To "Quasar":
Thanks for your ideas - we'll try to take these into account.

Posted: Sun May 24, 2009 12:15 pm
by Quasar
Strange thing:
while grouping by "User field" the sum of books is not equal to number of all books.

Posted: Sun May 24, 2009 3:10 pm
by Gemini
Quasar wrote:Strange thing:
while grouping by "User field" the sum of books is not equal to number of all books.

we'll test the option and fix it, if anything's wrong.

Best regards,

Posted: Sat May 30, 2009 6:49 am
by Quasar
"Show only books, where location is <....>" - doesn't work. When I click on it - nothing happens.