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Post #1by NoelRodrigue » Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:44 pm

... would be <by author>. Not sort by author, load new titles! I've got a few 'favorite' authors for whom I've purchased everything I see coming out. It would be nice to be able to insert the author's name, press some button and get an up to date listing of their production (including co-written stuff), then check those books I want to insert in my collection and press 'Go'.

Food for another version no doubt.

Oh another one ... concerning this forum ... the ability to have the list of topics show up in 'most recent first' would be nice!!

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Post #2by Gemini » Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:17 pm

Hi there! :)
As for the forum, the topics are sorted by the time of the most recent answer, apart from the topics which are attached.

There is online search for books by author since the very first version of All My Books. Next to the Author field in the book card there's a special button to search by author.
However, new books can't be identified and loaded automatically so far - that's a good idea, thanks!

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