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Post #1by energetic » Sun Jul 20, 2008 11:49 am

As I am a software developer, my views may be distorted or biased.

I tried AMB for about 5 minutes. In these 5 minutes, I enountered numerous bugs, not-finished-things, and much more. A small list:

To let the menu go away, i clicked somehwere, this happened to be the password button. Then a small window popped up, I clicked the cross button to let it go away, but it asked to re-enter a password. Then where is the close button for?

Then I thought: lets search for a knwon title. I clicked in the title box, but no text pointer appeared. I had to click the checkbox to even enter a book title! Ugh! Not really desired behaviour from a user perspective.

Then I wanted to move the window on the title bar of the program. That just didnt work...

Then I wanted to add a book. In that window, I see "OriginalTitle". wtf? Is it so hard to make it "Original title: "?

The OK and Cancel buttons are switched compared to other programs. So I happened to click "cancel", where i meant OK.

Then i tried the 'rating' combobox. Why is this a combobox and not a rating control similar to the one used on the MSDN and other web 2.0 pages? Writing such a control is trivial, i can get it done in under 2 hours.

So i checked out book details, where this control seems to be present. When I clicked on it, some rectangle appeared asking to sort or filter the books.

Where is the close box button on the 'Add book' window? Since there is a cancel button, i would expect such a button.

So when I clicked the software away, since i was kinda fed up with all the imperfections and bugs, i got another dialog box asking "Do You Want To Get Your Licence Right Now". That was a great metaphore of how I think the software is built: not from the user perspective.

Maybe I'll check out version 8.0.

bolide M
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bolide M
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Re: My feedback...

Post #2by bolide » Sat Sep 20, 2008 11:45 am

Thanks for your criticism!

You added several items to our to-do list :)
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