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Innovations have helped humans to improve their living conditions greatly, starting with the invention of primitive tools and going on to modern air conditioners, powerful computers, and GPS devices. Technological progress goes forward by leaps and bounds. As a result, it's now hard to imagine a house which has not been somehow affected by high tech - almost every schoolboy's got a full-featured mp3 player or iPod having the storage capacity which allows storing gigabytes of music files and movies.Much has also changed with the unconditional and irrevocable advent of the Internet to our life. I would call it the Eighth Wonder of the modern World - and it really deserves such a high sounding name, being the biggest and the most powerful provider of a variety of resources and services. The Internet is a worldwide database of any information you need. However, information is not the only thing you can obtain due to the Internet. Due to the spreading of affordable high-speed Internet connection, something we could just dream about several years ago, has provided users in a flash with the huge amount of all sorts of digital content.

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Did you have a question, or anything to add to the discussion, concerning Audio Comparer software? While the statements that you posted may hold merit, they do not apply to this forum. If you are an actual person (not a spambot), please reply and clarify your point.

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