AMM5.9 Does not Work with Amazon, IMD, or DVD Empire

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Post #1by denisestokes » Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:25 pm

I have been trying to get this resolved for over a month with NO progress so I will recap the situation and ask for help yet again...

My previous topic was locked so I started a new topic since my issue was never resolvd. I am assuming at this point that username Gemini IS technical support for AMM since that question was never answered yet you were able to find out that I've been a customer for 3 years.

I asked for A WORKING PRODUCT OR A REFUND. Every since the 6.0 upgrade, AMM5.9 stopped working with ALL moive databases including Amazon, IMD, and DVD Empire. The program no longer pull the scenario, director, genre, or description of movie. I have all the lates plug ins and JUST upgraded my copy in January 2010 to version 5.9 for $27.45.

I asked for a reason why the prodcut stopped working after 6.0 came out and was told that it was because IMD made chages to the way it works. What about Amazon - what about DVD Empire? Did everyone make changes? If they did, why should cusotmers who already bought your product and ALL upgrades of your product continue to upgrade because the product no longer performs the functions it was programmed to perform? It's like buying a car that doesn't go in reverse or park anymore - but not being offered an upgrade by the manuafacturer at no cost. The "warranty" isnt bad - and the license agreements says your product should work. I was a working product...

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