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email client link and an unwanted "sticky" URL fie

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:32 am
by deck.hazen
Found a glitch, sorry.

When attempting to add a new movie from file the search for the movie "The I Inside" couldn't be found in the default search so I added the URL ( ) in the box provided and the title was added as expected.

The next attempt to add a movie found the title (The Scientist) but called up the details from "The I Inside", and checking the "media info" tab I found that the URL for "The I Inside" remained in the URL field.

Both the "Local Path" and "Trailer Link" fields appear to have cleared successfully from the previous "Add Move" operation.

Hope that helps,

Also, the link to Support under the help section brings up "Outlook" - my preferred client is G-mail - is there some way to change the AMM default?

love yer work

- Deck