Fix ongoing problem with editing advance filter entries

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R B Strautman
R B Strautman
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Post #1by R B Strautman » Mon Aug 18, 2014 5:39 am

I think the problem with users being able to easily edit the results from an advance filter list must be fixed before 8.0 is released because this problem has been around for quit a while.

Currently when a user creates a list using the advanced filter option the list is created without any problems. It is sorted correctly and displays correctly. However, if the user performs an edit on the custom field used to create the list, the user must rerun the advance filter option time after time after time, because the filtered list is "lost" and the cursor returns to the user's entire unfiltered list. One would expect the green buttons at the bottom of the movie card to advance to the next movie in the filtered list regardless of what field has been edited in the record.

Just to be clear, the green buttons at the bottom of the movie card DO advance to the next filtered record if edits are performed on the "general" and "additional" tab fields (I do not know if they work correctly on "media info", "screenshots", or "episodes" tabs since I don't edit in these tabs). However if an edit is performed (typically I am unchecking a checked box) in the "custom fields" tab the edit is performed correctly, but pressing the forward or backward green button causes the entire filtered list to be replaced with the entire unfiltered list, with the cursor resting on the record following the record just edited and the user must rerun the filter to get back to the filtered list to continue with edits.

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Post #2by Gemini » Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:23 am

Hi again!

Thank you!
We'll fix it in the one of 8.x updates since AMM 8.0 has just been released.

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