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Still not able to edit more than one record at a time

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:24 am
by R B Strautman
More than a year ago I asked that the program make it possible for a user to be able to edit more than one record at a time when using a personal filter.

Currently if I use one of the personal filters I have created, for example, show all films appearing on Turner Classic Movies this month that I have not seen, and I want to edit films from this list, I can only edit one record at a time. After I edit any record from that the filtered list, the list is "lost" and I must re-run the filter to get the list again.

I should be able to edit every record in the personal filter list by simply making the edit, and then use the green arrows to move back and forward in the filtered list. I should not have to rerun the filter again to get the list again to edit another record.

Please make it possible for your customers to more easily edit their personal filter lists in the next program update. I am using v8.3 build 1435.