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Virtual Shelf - Alphabet Jump

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:28 am
by Turboroo
With AMM in Virtual Shelf display mode (my preferred browse mode), if you have a lot of movies, it takes ages to scroll down to find a particular movie or check if you have a particular movie in your data base. Of course there are other search tools but that involves jumping in and out of different views and then back again to the ‘All’ view but this takes longer than going to the alphabetical group where it would be and quickly doing a visual search if covers and titles. To make the scroll process quicker and simpler, can you add an optional column titled, say ‘Alphabet Jump’, with a narrow vertical column with letters of the alphabet to the left or right of the cover display in VS mode where you can simply click on a letter of the alphabet and the display jumps to the first Title starting with the selected letter? It would then be a much faster means of checking for a particular movie without having to go through time consuming search processes (which can take some time to reset the display to ‘All’ after your search) or scroll down and down until you find the area where the title would be located. To return back to the top of the cover display quickly the first button on the top of the alphabet bar (above ‘A’) could be ‘Top’ to quickly jump back to the top of the All display. To quickly jump to the other end (maybe someone would find it useful) you could have a button marked ‘End’ (below ‘Z’) to take you to the very last title in the cover display. Having said this, to keep the column narrow (to save screen real estate) Top and End aren't essential as you can scroll to either end fairly quickly as you are not looking for a particular spot in the cover display.



Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:54 am
by bolide
Great idea, thank you! Added it to the to-do list, will try to implement the quick navigation bar for both virtual shelf and cover thumbnails mode