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Non-stop issues with the software

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 2:41 am
by akane750
It seems the only thing IC is trying to do for me is crash or hang in a new way. I doubted my competence in handling the program at first, but.....Well - here's how the "default" scenario (and by "default" I mean the numbers varied during several attempts, but the pattern stays the same + after every failed attempt I delete gallery and/or results files created during said attempt) unfolds:

Goal is to compare images within a single folder. Folder for processing: "C:/Pics" - simple short path, no foreign characters (since I'm not sure whether IC can handle Unicode) - with 10,905 pictures right in it, no subfolders.

1) Create Gallery -> Select the folder -> 10,891 images added to gallery. Issue: 14 GIF images were ignored (they are NOT animated). Attempt failed.

2) GIF images moved to another folder to avoid the issue, creating new gallery ->.....-> 10,891 images added -> "Table" view (despite the setting for forced Table view has been adjusted to 20,000) -> trying to switch to "Preview" view. Issue: program hangs* randomly between 9,500th and 10,000th image (God Bless "Escape" button to close the progress mini-window). Attempt failed.

3) Staying in "Table" view to avoid the issue -> Hit the button to compare images within one folder. Issue: the counter starts at 0/59306 (excuse me, Mr. Software, but you're off by approximately 50,000 images).

4) Simply waiting for comparing process to finish to "endure" the issue -> possible duplicate list created -> switching to "Image Pairs" tab (I'm more comfortable with that style) -> "marking" several images -> Hitting F8 (hotkey for physically deleting marked files) -> some popup windows flash by - Deleting from gallery, Deleting from disk etc. (courtesy of video recording those "flash-by"s). Issue: when I go to check the folder - (God Bless whatever made me NOT go "marking" through all 900 duplicates in the list) all 10,905 images are still there. Attempt failed.

Everything's been done:

1) on a Win7 x64 Ultimate OS using a multi-core CPU;
2) using Image Comparer v3.8;
3) with settings like "do not search within the same folder" or "disable multi-core optimization" unticked, and boxes for ALL file formats ticked.

* - during those hangs, Win7 animation of the green progress bar does NOT freeze (meaning the program doesnt freeze "per se", it simply stops processing the command given); also, the time counters don't stop: "Time Elapsed" counter....uhm - COUNTS every second just fine, and - here's the weird part of the bug (as if the bug itself wasnt weird enough) - "Time Remaining" counter goes up by 1 seconds for every 10 seconds counted on "Time Elapsed". Leaving it like this for almost an hour - at first I thought a couple large-sized (~40MB) images were to blame - didnt help anything, the progress still stuck where I left it. Also, note how I indicate a range - it's not always the same image (which would lead me to suspect said image), but random images within that range (no idea, why it doesnt hang randomly across all 10,000+ files); and processing the files it DOES manage to "compare" before it hangs seems to only take literally a couple seconds.

In other words, the only thing Image Comparer does for me is fail to serve the purpose it exists for. So, my question would be: could you provide me with any suggestions on how to [try to] fix/circumvent/avoid the bugs mentioned (if possible, because I'm not familiar with the "coding" part, and the "faulty" 0/59306 counter might actually be "the way it's suppost to work")? Because [to me] it seems like a couple bugs too much for a single "search -> compare -> delete selected images" operation.

P.s. I'm not sure if this is a bug or simply a limitation of the program, but I decided to mention it in case it IS a bug: when viewing the possible duplicate list using "Image Pairs" tab, the program shows filename under the preview images just fine for JPG files, but for PNG files it simply states "Portable Network Graphics (PNG)" instead of filename (does show the correct resolution/filesize/bit depth for them, though)

Update: during [yet another] attempt at completing the original task, "delete marked files" option worked......on and off - triggered randomly - works a couple times, then suddenly fails to, then works again, and fails yet again......and a couple minutes later it simply hangs during deletion of yet another batch of marked duplicates (with the "Deleting images from the gallery..." popup just sitting there) with the only thing left to do is forcibly End Process.

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:14 am
by Gemini
The only thing we can recommend you so far is to disabple multicore CPU support in the program's preferences for troubleshooting.


Posted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:03 pm
by gavind
Hi akane750, I'm just wondering if you were able to have your specs work here. Or any work around found so far?

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:15 pm
by akane750
Nope. I switched to another image comparer in the end.