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Post #1by DVDPNP » Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:18 pm

I have an idea for a very well needed piece of software. I read as many of these posts as I could before I decided to write, but most of them have something to do with your Audio software. This leads me to believe you have fairly good percentage of people that are in the music industry or DJs or VJs. I used to be a DJ/VJ but now I produce solely in the studio. I have looked for years (even up to just the other night...) there is No such software for DJs or Major Music Collectors. I have even tried using All My Movies at one point, for logging all my music videos (*I as well as others have lots ot single CDs, Compilation CDs, concert footage, etc... You really have "Almost" 2 softwares that could be tweaked a bit, then created into something useful like this. Most DJs use Excel or fumble through their CD DVD books while working. But so many people work with Digital now *because many of the audio and video tracks are sent out as downloads. So either with your laptop or iPad, you can pull up all videos that have a christmas theme, or you need to see all your music in 127bpm, etc. Media Monkey makes something that can work, but it ends up being a bit sloppy if you arent careful. All My Movies - layout with info and the iconic photo is ideal. I won't go on anymore, because you got the jist of it. I have CDs, DVDs, digital files all over the place...and I don't think I am alone. I put this on the forum just to see how many people are in the business. Believe me, you can google all day...and you may find something (but not useful). This is really a project "custom made" for you guys and your customers.


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