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Post #1by AsimovFan » Sun May 05, 2019 2:44 pm

Hi All. I'm a new user to AllMyBooks having previously used BookLibrary from WenSoftware.

My first task is of course to try and import all of my records from BookLibrary which I am trying to do via an intermediate Excel sheet. So far so good although I do seem to have some challenges. It would appear that custom fields I add are available to me via import so clearly I have to set up all relevant ones that I need from my old database prior to the import. Custom fields I am thinking of adding are as follows and I would appreciate feedback from more experienced users as to whether there are better/alternative ways to deal with these fields:

* Acquired From (I have books and items from various sources including eBay, book shops and I like to record where the book came from such as an old library or school book)
* Dollar Price (Many of my books are bought in the US so I like to record the actual price paid)
* Edition (Is there really not a standard field for this to be recorded in?)
* Purchase Date (Or should I use Date Added in Metadata)
* Value (Effectively the Market Value)

Any other fields that others have added which users think I would find valuable for my type of collection? I will be expanding my use of AMB to include space related books, pamphlets/... if that makes any difference.

My collection also includes various 'Ephemra' and I am thinking of using the URL Link to link to websites/Fan Fiction/... which contain information about my favourite Author (Isaac Asimov) - good idea?

I also need to keep a 'series' and 'number within this series' as Asimov wrote a number of thematic series which logically should be kept together - more custom fields?

Finally I am going to need to keep a book number (as according to Isaac Asimov) - any reason why I shouldn't use Book Number for this?

Liking what I see and will appreciate any comments to help me.

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Post #2by AsimovFan » Mon May 06, 2019 3:25 pm

Replying to myself as I have now found Series and Volume which I think I should be using for "Series" and "Number" as I mention above.

Also did anything ever become of the Android version to carry your book library with you? I've followed the links but I cannot find anything to download.

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