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Mix of languages

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2020 10:55 pm
by Vladimir
After moving from Russia to Czech Republic I registered, that I cannot read the information in "adding new book" menu, because russian language has disappiered. Insted of Russian I see now just questionmarks.
The same is with registered books, where in the description I do not se the author's name but questionmarks only. Both is visible in the attached print screen.
Do please somebody know where the problem is and how to solve? Ideally I would like to have all data in Russian.

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 3:07 pm
by Viki
Are you using the latest version? (All My Books v5.1 Build 1252)
:wink: According to the "What's New" a lot of sources are changing, and AllMyBooks is changing to meet the challenge.

You could send a request for help directly from your program... AllMyBooks > Help > Support
(which opens a support ticket online with your registration info included.)
This way the developers will be made aware of the issue. I'm not sure how often they visit the forums.

When you do get a solution, please post it here in the forum to help others who may be experiencing the same issue.

Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2020 9:35 pm
by Vladimir
Thank you Viki, I'll try to follow your advise. Will let all know, then.