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Audio Comparer: post your suggestions here

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:18 am
by Gemini
You're welcome with your suggestions, creative ideas how to make the program better! We'll be grateful for your approval and stressing the program's strong and weak points! :)

Let's get started! :wink:

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 8:34 pm
by Gemini
I wonder, if you really have no suggestions and wishes about Audio Comparer? :wink:

Looking forward to your suggestions,

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:14 am
by sonicblue
I'll try to think of a few things!

In the meantime, as a more general suggestion. You guys should make a Page on Facebook for AudioComparer to spread the word. A Twitter page for BolidSoftware would be a good idea too. Embrace social media! :)

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:21 am
by Gemini
Thanks for your suggestions! We'll think them over :)


Duplicate *replacement* - with a twist

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 4:14 pm
by Toyzrme
Maybe your tool already does this (I *just* bought it), but I need help cleaning up *structured* duplicates of my audio files.

The scenario: since I started collecting audio on my hard drive (17 years ago), playlist formats have changed, my directory structures have changed, drives & computers have been upgraded and even outright 'died'. The only 'safe' (durable) way I found to keep a group of audio files in a 'playlist' was to not use playlists :-) Rather, I copied the files into 'playlist directories'.

Also, I recently re-ripped my 1,000 CD's at the highest quality (the last time was 13 years ago, when 75GB was $300, as was a 32*MB* mp3 player, and encoding was poor), and I've added artwork, lyrics, etc.

Needless to say, I have a plethora of 'playlist directories' I want to keep, but I want to upgrade the quality with the new rips, and maintain the structure.

Your tool seems close to what I need - but here are a few ehancements that would be of great use to me:

1) Find the duplicates, then offer to replace the lower-quality with the higher-quality versions, thus keeping my structure, but improving the quality & tags of all my 'playlist directories'. There is another tool that does this, but it was lacking in other areas at the time - I would rather have this in your tool

2) Find the duplicates, then replace them with a playlist, using a relative directory path and/or file ID

2b) a *reversing* tool that takes the above 'playlist' and re-generates (copies) the actual files back into the original structure (this would be useful if I intend to re-arrange my directory structure)
Even better, this tool could use your audio signature / file ID technology to find 'lost' files (ie in case I move files/directories, invalidating 'playlist' paths), and also 'fix' the playlist.
This would allow me to go both ways fluidly, based on current needs (save space vs. maintain structure)

You can imagine a number of other derivatives of the above:

3) fix 'standard' playlists (m3u, etc.) by finding 'lost' files
To support this, you might have to pre-process the playlist while it's still good to collect file info.
Or maybe you just create one of your own playlists like my suggestion above, then provide ways to export it in the various playlist formats?

4) pre-processing of playlists
some media tools already do this, a twist on #2 above: let me specify a new format/bitrate and destination, then you convert the source to the destination format and directory. I can do this in most audio device management tools, but on the fly to the device, not a directory (AFAIK).

5) update tags?
Not sure how useful this one is, but a twist on #1: find the duplicates, but only copy the improved *tags* over (art, lyrics, dates, etc.), leaving the audio alone.

Anyway, looking forward to your consideration!



Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:37 am
by Toyzrme
Sorry - I posted these suggestions as new topics:

Highlight top node depending on selection state
Highlighting for ALL attributes
Add Priority order to favorite directories
Multi-select needed
Way to process part of the list needed!