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Way to process part of the list needed!

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:34 am
by Toyzrme
There needs to be a way to process *part* of the results list.

My first compare, I got PAGES of results. I am nervous about taking hours to review all items (esp. if the program, computer, or power crashes in the meantime!).

IOW, I did an auto-select, then I am reviewing the auto-selection for correctness (see the bugs I have submitted about this). BUT, I have to wait until I've reviewed ALL the items before I can click the action buttons at the bottom!

I wish there was a way to process SOME of the selections (ie a subset). This could be as simple as adding other item(s) to the popup menu (ie Copy/Move/Remove/Delete).

Just make sure you update all the other groups/nodes on the UI that contain the same files that were affected!